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Looking for frontend software expertise?

I would love to work with your team! Starting a large-scale web-project? Let me help you get started! You think your web-project beyond saving? Don't lose hope just yet! Technical issues without solutions? I'll gladly take a look! Not that sure about your code? Let me review that for you!

"Brecht is the "go to guy" for web development. He helped us to migrate our Silverlight application to a AngularJS - HTML5 web application and provided his experience in SPA's. He has an excellent understanding of the web environment and when given a good outlined mission will execute it in record time."

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Brecht Billiet

Brecht Billiet - web expert

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Hi again!

Like I said.. I'm Brecht! I specialize in developing, architecting, rescuing large-scale web-projects and making technology choices for small and large companies. My focus lies on performance, scalability, pragmatism, and coaching professionals to become rockstar engineers. My passion is mastering future-proof cut-edge technologies and applying them in large-scale web-projects. My main focus lies on software-web-projects that involve lots of javascript, and clientside coding. I have been giving trainers as an angular mentor when it was still in Beta stage.

"Brecht has supported us as trainer in Agular during our Masterclass Front End. We hired him because of his thorough FE expertise. The 2 days he came to our office were a revelation for our consultants. About his course: It was perfectly worked out. Both in terms of content and style. The chosen case brought also a lot of added value. About him as trainer: Brecht knows what he’s doing. He makes the difference and even inspires during his sessions. That’s his USP. We’ll hire him again, without considering, as trainer or public speaker – expert level. Highly recommended!"

Toon Verbuyst - HR Manager @Axxes


  • angular
  • rxjs
  • rxjs
  • typescript
  • nodejs
  • nrwl nx
  • cypress