Angular Best Practices TRAINING!

International experience since Angular2 beta (50+ projects)

"I really loved Brecht's workshop. Brecht was very knowledgeable and friendly and shared a lot of practical tips from his prior experiences building large web applications. The workshop was laid out well, alternating between theory and practical coding exercises. I would highly recommend Brecht's workshop to any ambitious fellow Front-end Architect."

Jurgen Van de Moere - GDE @Google
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More than 6 years (+50 projects) in a one day Angular Training

6 years ago I became an international Angular consultant/trainer/coach/architect and I have worked on over 50 (not to say 100) different Angular projects. I helped both start-ups and fortune 500 companies with real complex Angular codebases. I've always been in the field 90% of my time and I've always kept coding.

In this one-day training I want to teach you what I know. How I kickstart a scalable maintainable Angular codebase with a high focus on quality. By attending this workshop you will be able to create a great architecture, that is based on opinions of the greatest minds in the community. You will learn pitfalls and little tricks that make you productive and makes your codebase maintainable.

In one day, really?

A Angular Best Practices training in one day? No, not necessarily.

  •  This training is bundled with a set of tutorials that you can finish at home
  •  Depending on the group and time, some topics will be cherry picked
  •  Don't worry, you'll get access to all the material for life
  •  The content will get updated regularly
  •  It should become your guide that you can leverage on a daily basis
  •  You'll get access to the code, the slides and course material in the form of markdown files

It's not a conventional training

I'm not offering a training, I'm offering a product. Be attending you will get my toolbelt of best practices. The do's and don'ts. You'll get access to interesting code snippets that I use on big projects. You'll learn my architecture, and you'll learn exactly where to put things inside your codebase. With this Angular Best Practices training, I want to make myself obsolete. I'm not going to teach you Angular, you can leverage the documentation for that. I'm going to teach you how to use it.

Is it for me?

It's not a basic training, and it's not an Advanced deep-dive in Angular Training. You will need basic Angular knowledge to attend the training but you don't have to be a medior or senior profile in it. If you want a guide on how to create scalable applications in Angular and you want learn the opinions of someone that has been using it professionally before it was even released, this is definitely the training for you. It will save you a lot of time and effort.You can't learn experience, you need time for that! I'm offering you to learn it in a day.


Are you interested in hosting this workshop at your company? Are you interested in following this remotely? Let me know, I'm eager to get to know YOU!


The workshop will be ready beginning of November. That's not true at all, This training will never be ready... But I will keep working on it. It will stay up to date with new versions and new decisions. It will change in form, best practices are flexible, and they can change over time. So will the training.

What can you expect?

I'm working on the content as we speak, and I'm not ready to share all the details, but I want to give you something. If you want you can always reach out for a call or an interview and I'll gladly spoil more!

We will create a codebase for a hypothetical company called shoppie. Shoppy has webshop application and a stock-manager application. Everything we will do will be in those applications. We will cover:

  •  Choosing/handling tooling and when to use third party libs and when not
  •  We will set up a very opinionated workspace with Nx Devtools
  •  Best practices around component design
  •  Routing and Best Practices for routing
  •  We will cover the facade pattern in depth
  •  Dialogs, forms, loading state, error handling and how we can tackle those things
  •  An opinionated way to handle state management
  •  Best practices around change detection
  •  Testing with the honeycomb principle
  •  Handling redundancy
  •  Performance gains
  •  KISS vs DRY
  • ...


Pascal PrechtPascal PrechtCo-founder @thoughtram, GDE @Google
 Strongbrew offers high-quality training about reactive programming paradigms with a focus on learning and fun. I'm happy I could join one of their workshops to get a better understanding of advanced techniques that otherwise take a long time to learn!